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Why Should I Verify MECP Credentials?

The modern vehicle is really a platform of numerous sensors, different types of cables and wires, and numerous computers that use those to operate in a safe and efficient manner. They are built using highly technical fastener and bonding technology, and must be disassembled and reassembled in a particular fashion to ensure proper operation.

Today’s aftermarket products are quite sophisticated, and care must be taken to apply these products and the technology they use to a vehicle in a safe manner. A valid MECP Certification shows that that a technician has learned about these systems and has demonstrated the knowledge to be able to install, integrate, and troubleshoot these products into most vehicles.  It also shows that a specialist can help you understand new technology and what will be necessary to get it into your vehicle.

MECP Certification must be renewed annually, and a recertification exam is administered to ensure any new technology or techniques have been learned. A current certification means your technician or specialist has taken the time to know about the essential information required to sell and safely integrate your new products into your vehicle.

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