Get Certified

Whether you are new to the Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) program or looking to advance your career by getting certified at a higher level, the new online MECP learning platform helps you prepare for the certification exam. The new program is based on access to learning content and a certification exam for an annual subscription fee.

The learning material is presented in an efficient manner that consistently challenges you as you progress through the system and breaks the content up into smaller, easier to consume chunks. This targeted and strategic method will increase your comprehension of the material and boost your confidence as you progress toward certification at your desired level.

MECP Study Guides

Printed MECP Study Guides are still available at our CSTC store and our Amazon store but are no longer being printed. The content in these guides is still applicable to the associated certification levels they represent. You may prefer reading a book instead of reading the content on your phone, tablet, or computer. However, please be aware that you must still progress through the certification system, so the digital portion is still required. Click the button below to purchase a printed study guide.

Advantages of our New Online Learning System

  • Online Access From Anywhere, Anytime

    Learn at your own pace during your subscription to the new system, and do it all from your phone, tablet, or computer! Any device that can access the Internet through any standard web browser can access your learning material. Certification exams are housed in the same system so that they can be taken anywhere, at any time, as well. Software that monitors any certification exam prevents misuse and creates a very flexible, easy-to-access platform for online learning and certification.

  • Motivation to Level-Up

    Jumping up to the next level of MECP certification is a great way to show others in the industry that you’re serious about your career and your work quality. Whether you’re an Apprentice Installation Technician aiming at obtaining a Skilled- or Expert-level technician certification or a Product Technology Specialist looking to get a technician certification so you can help in the bay when needed, your path is easy to manage and upgrade.

  • An Easy-to-Use Portable ID link to Show an Employer or Customers

    A link from your MECP profile page will show your current progress toward your current certification level or any certification accomplishment(s) you have achieved. This “Portable ID” allows you to show a current or potential employer your progress or show your customer your competency in one or more areas. This ID also allows quick reference to what any displayed certification means and the expiration date, if applicable.

  • Access to Manufacturer or Organization Verification and Certification Programs

Product manufacturers with product lines, product categories, or high-level technical support lines may require verification or certification on specific subject material or techniques. Organizations may require technicians or retail facilities to obtain certification or become verified. These entities may employ the MECP program to create and administer these programs for them. Some may be offered free, without a subscription, or some may require you to be subscribed at or certified at one or more levels to get access to these programs. Contact your manufacturers or organizations about how you can get access to these programs.

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