Vehicle Owners

What Is MECP?

Positive experienceThe Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) program is a certification program for installation technicians of mobile electronics and aftermarket automotive equipment. MECP is the only nationally recognized program that certifies mobile electronics installation technicians and sales people on the installation techniques and capabilities of automotive information technology, entertainment, safety, convenience, and security systems.

Why Is MECP Important for Consumers?

The MECP program is designed to provide a higher level of professionalism in the mobile electronics installation field. Using an MECP technician provides you with the peace of mind that the technology in your vehicle is being serviced or installed by a qualified industry professional.

The technology featured in many of today’s new cars is exciting. It offers excellent safety and connectivity features. But purchasing a new car isn’t the only way to incorporate these new features. Technicians can add new technologies to any vehicle, including automotive, marine, and powersports, and it is vital to make sure they are installed correctly. MECP professionals are tasked with learning new technologies and industry best practices for all facets of mobile electronics installation. Find out more about the new technologies that you can add to your existing vehicle.

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