Why Get an MECP Certification?

An MECP certification prepares you to integrate products into today’s complicated vehicle electrical systems and provides knowledge to solve complex problems on the job.

Most significant employers prefer, and some require an MECP certification. Some employers may raise pay or commissions, allow more independent work, or move employees certified at higher levels into management roles. Making a professional investment in yourself can help when seeking employment or advancing a career. Talk with your company today about what this type of investment in yourself might mean for your future!


Benefits include:

  • Increases in your earning potential
  • Elevating your professionalism
  • Providing peace of mind to consumers
  • Keeping you up-to-date with automotive technology
  • Helping you understand industry-preferred installation practices
  • Giving you a more prominent status with premium vendors
  • Allowing you to stand out among other applicants when seeking employment


MECP Work Promotion“Our clients deserve the best service possible from the best trained technicians. MECP certifications are an important credential that allows us to give our clients the reassurance that their vehicles are being well taken care of.” —Brian Miller, Owner, Tint World Franchise

“The MECP Expert Certification has been one of the most important contributors to my career advancement. In our industry, certification through MECP is the best way to differentiate yourself.” —Chris Pearson, MECP Expert Certified, Directed

“MECP has been an integral part of my career from the very start. The apprentice certification gave me the underlying knowledge I needed to build a solid foundation for future advancement in my job. Going through the skilled material, I received a wealth of real-world, applicable, relevant information which supported me in taking my job and my business to the next level. I have to believe that MECP and the strategic advantage that it brings to the table has played a large roll in my success.” —Jeff Cantrell, MECP Expert Certified, 660 Audio

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