Product Technology Specialist Certification

MECP Product Technology SpecialistThe MECP Product Technology Specialist Certification is the industry’s “sales-level” certification, which applies to any “front-facing” or sales-related employees. This certification evaluates mobile electronics sales professionals’ daily working knowledge of typical vehicle electronics systems and terminology, entertainment, convenience solutions, audio system design principles, shop safety, and installation considerations. Unlike the MECP installation technician certifications (Apprentice, Skilled, and Expert), the Product Technology Specialist certificate program assesses knowledge fundamental to a retail sales professional employed in a typical aftermarket vehicle electronics retail environment.

Product Technology Specialist Exam

The Product Technology Specialist certification exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions. This exam’s Eligibility is unlocked after completing the eight content sections in the Product Technology Specialist level content subscription. This content and the associated exam is intended for sales and customer service professionals in the industry. There are no work experience or certification requirements to take the exam.

Job Duties and Skills

The MECP Product Technology Specialist position involves directly interfacing with end-user clientele in a retail environment. This interaction requires asking qualifying questions, evaluating the client’s vehicle for fitment and product compatibility, and recommending in-vehicle electronics products and installation services that fit their needs to provide a successful solution for their vehicle modification desires.

Skilled Installation Technician duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Answer phone calls and electronic communication inquiries from prospective clientele with accurate product and installation information to bring them into the retail facility as a customer or secure an online sale.
  • Greet and qualify walk-in clientele with questions about their vehicle and car electronics technology interests to provide personalized product and installation recommendations.  
  • Inspect the client’s vehicle before quoting costs on undefined scopes of installation work.
  • Recommend products and installation services correlated to the client’s goals after answers to qualifying questions have been established.
  • Ensure compatibility of aftermarket electronics with the vehicle’s existing electronics and customer’s portable device(s) using vehicle fitment guides, manufacturer technical support resources, or verifying with in-store colleagues and technicians.
  • Be the interface between the client and installation technician(s) during the period of installation services taking place. 
  • Demonstrate completed installations to clientele, showing features, operational characteristics, and locations of essential components (fuses, equipment, or reference pages in the user manuals).
  • Attend manufacturer product training webinars or in-person events to maintain product-specific application and knowledge.
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