Expert Installation Technician Certification

MECP Expert Installation TechnicianThe MECP Skilled Installation Technician Certification is the industry’s “standard-level” certification, which many MECP-supporting retailers look for their employees to achieve within their first or second year of employment so they can competently work on modern vehicles and perform most aftermarket product installations. MECP Skilled Installation Technician Certification is available for those who complete the learning content and achieve a passing score on the certification exam in the MECP Skilled level content subscription.  There is no prior industry experience requirement, but the technician must have a current MECP Apprentice Installation Technician certification at the time of the Skilled level certification achievement.

Expert Level Exam

The Expert Installation Technician certification exam contains 100 multiple-choice questions. This exam’s Eligibility is unlocked after completing the content sections in the Apprentice level content subscription (included with the Expert subscription), achieving MECP Apprentice certification (included with the Expert subscription), completing the content sections in the Skilled content subscription (included with the Expert subscription), achieving MECP Skilled certification (included with the Expert subscription), and completing the content sections in the Expert level content subscription. This content and the associated exam is intended for proficient and experienced technicians with two or more years of experience (not required).

Job Duties and Skills

The MECP Expert Installation Technician position presumes the ability to install and configure aftermarket car electronics products in a wide range of vehicles without process-related supervision carefully and correctly. The technician in this job is often placed in a leadership or supervisory role for other technicians. The position also requires a direct interface with customers before, during, and after the installation and maintaining a clean and functional workshop environment. The MECP Expert Installation Technician position assumes a high degree of expertise for diagnosing and repairing installation-related faults that may involve aftermarket equipment and conflicts with the vehicle’s electrical system components. This position assumes fundamental knowledge and can fabricate application-specific solutions using materials such as wood, plastics, metal, and fabrics when commercially available solutions do not exist. Some accountabilities for facility productivity and management of labor and supplies budgets is also assumed.

Expert Installation Technician duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

All duties and responsibilities listed in the MECP Skilled Installation Technician Job Description apply to the Expert Installation Technician.
Acquire, determine, and research solution-based approaches to client and vehicle installation needs that preserve the vehicle’s integrity. Recommend and accurately quote these solutions as required. 
Diagnose, repair, and resolve installation-related problems ranging from product failure or incompatibility to undesirable operational conditions such as heat, excess current draw, noise, RF/EMR interference, intermittent faults, or OEM TSBs and recalls.
Possess a complete understanding of using an RTA, oscilloscope, and polarity test instrument to determine OEM audio system signals required for full-range interface to aftermarket devices. 
Fabricate wood, plastic, and metal brackets/mounts for aftermarket electronics and speakers as needed, including knowledge of the safe and correct steps of preparation and finishing. 
Facilitate a reliable and productive workflow from staff in the installation bay. Demonstrate installation procedures and correctly convey best practices to other technicians when required.
Assist less experienced team members as needed to troubleshoot or repair installation issues.
Maintain necessary installation and fabrication supplies to complete installation tasks as scheduled or planned.
Maintain or oversee the maintenance of shop power and pneumatic tools.

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