Why Hire an MECP Professional?

Hiring Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) -certified individuals in your shop gives your customers the confidence that the work is being completed by professionals who uphold the top industry standards, and it helps ensure that the work is done right the first time. 

MECP technicians abide by our Code of Ethics, which can be viewed here.

MECP Certifications

Learn more about the certification levels that are available and their sample job descriptions to help you hire MECP professionals or educate your current employees on the opportunities available.

MECP Program Supporter/Promotional Mark

CTA has developed specific logos to associate an MECP certified professional and program. These Guidelines have been established to ensure consistency in the manner the Marks are used and protect the integrity of the Marks while allowing you to promote your MECP involvement. These Guidelines are equally applicable for content in print or posted on the Internet, including social media platforms. Except as expressly stated in these Guidelines, all uses of the Marks require advance written approval from CTA. Learn more here. 

If you want to use the Supporter/Promotional Marks to inform, educate and promote the benefits of the MECP program to the public, CTA requires a licensing agreement. Such use of the Supporter/Promotional Marks without a licensing agreement is strictly prohibited, including use on any social media or the Internet. The Supporter/Promotional Marks may never appear on a product or imply that the licensee’s employees are MECP certified.

Please fill out the License Agreement to request approval for use of the Supporter Mark and submit to mecp@mecp.com. Licensing is not guaranteed by completing a licensing agreement. Only license agreements returned and countersigned by CTA are valid.



MECP offers employers or schools a convenient way to pre-pay for MECP exams or practice tests in one transaction with level-specific vouchers. Voucher recipients enter their company-issued voucher code at the time of registration/scheduling in lieu of credit/debit card payment. Vouchers have a one-year expiration from the date of issue. Email MECP for more information or to request voucher order forms. 


  • Retail kits include a banner, metal sign for the building, window cling decals and a foam core counter sign. Retailer promotional kits are available only to brick-and-mortar retail locations. Fill out a request form for a promotional kit. >