Why Hire an MECP Professional?

Hiring Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) -certified individuals in your shop gives your customers the confidence that the work is being completed by professionals who uphold the top industry standards, and it helps ensure that the work is done right the first time. 

Post your company’s job opportunities and search for resumes through the Technology Industry Career Center.

MECP Job Descriptions

Use the following sample job descriptions to help you hire MECP professionals or educate your employees on what certification levels are available.

  • MECP Basic Level Installation Professionals (PDF) install and configure entry-level aftermarket electronic products in a wide range of vehicles with at least some supervision. These professionals will assist experienced technicians on other, more complex installations and deal directly with customers before, during and after the installation.
  • MECP Advanced Level Installation Professionals (PDF) are responsible for installing and configuring entry- to mid-level difficulty aftermarket electronic products with minimal supervision. In addition to installation duties, the MECP advanced-level professionals are commonly involved in troubleshooting, using both experience and specific tools to satisfactorily rectify operational problems and installation errors that are present in existing and new installations. 
  • MECP Master Level Installation Professionals (PDF) assume a high degree of expertise for diagnosing and repairing installation-related faults that may involve aftermarket equipment or conflicts with the vehicle’s own electrical system components. These professionals are often placed in leadership or supervisory roles for other technicians. These professionals assume responsibility for fundamental knowledge and the ability to fabricate application-specific solutions, and they are accountability for some facility productivity and management of labor and supplies budgets. 


MECP offers employers or schools a convenient way to pre-pay for MECP exams or practice tests in one transaction with level-specific vouchers. Voucher recipients enter their company-issued voucher code at the time of registration/scheduling in lieu of credit/debit card payment. Vouchers have a one-year expiration from the date of issue. Email MECP for more information or to request voucher order forms. 


If you are an MECP certified installation technician who runs your own shop or a retailer who employs currently certified MECP installation technicians, we can provide promotional items to help promote your business, your work and MECP certified employees.