Testing Accommodations

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) will provide MECP testing accommodations to candidates with disabilities and is committed to compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

MECP works with Prometric testing facilities to offer testing services.


Specifically for the MECP test, the following testing accommodations are available only at Prometric test sites and not proctored exams:

  • Extended time;
  • Separate testing room;
  • Personal assistant;
  • Equipment accommodations based on site;
  • Wheelchair accessible testing stations; and
  • Permission to bring and take medications during the exam (for example, for individuals with diabetes who must monitor their blood sugar and administer insulin).
*Note that English as a second language does not qualify as a disability under the ADA.

To request accommodations, please follow these steps:

  1. If you qualify for a MECP test accommodation based on the information above, download the ADA Accommodations Request Packet (PDF), or contact MECP Customer Service at 866-858-1555 or mecp@mecp.com to receive the packet by e-mail or fax. Please contact MECP if you have questions about specific accommodation requests.
  1. Return the completed form and all supporting documentation to the address listed on the form. Please do not register or schedule an appointment until after your request has been evaluated and approved by MECP and the testing facility.

If you have questions, call MECP Customer Service at 866-858-1555 before submitting your ADA Request Packet. After your request is received and evaluated, you will be notified of the testing accommodations that will be provided. MECP will make a reasonable effort to accommodate your request.


The form must be completed by a qualified, appropriate professional (e.g., physician for physical disability, or psychologist for learning disability). The completed form must state the nature of your disability, how it affects your ability to take a computer-based, timed, multiple choice test, as well as the type of accommodations needed.

  1. Requests for testing accommodations are initially reviewed by MECP staff. If MECP staff determines that some or all the documentation is missing or inadequate, MECP will request the additional information. If the request appears complete, MECP may:
    • approve the request for processing; or
    • determine that documentation is insufficient to approve an accommodation.

If MECP determines that documentation is lacking, the candidate will be notified and given the opportunity to submit additional documentation. Once testing accommodations are approved, an MECP staff member will notify the candidate and provide specific details regarding test registration and appointment scheduling.

  1. Requests for testing accommodations must specifically address the functional limitation of the disability. The Licensed Professional Evaluation Form must include specific recommendations for accommodations as well as an explanation of why each accommodation is recommended and how it alleviates the impact of the impairment when taking a timed, standardized computer-based test. If recommended accommodations are not clearly identified or supported, MECP will seek clarification and, if necessary, more information. MECP will make the final determination regarding appropriate and reasonable testing accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities following the ADA.
  1. Confidentiality: All documentation submitted to MECP related to an accommodations request is kept confidential, and is used solely to determine the candidate’s eligibility for accommodations. Certain information from your records related to your identity, accommodations requested, diagnosis, prognosis, and evaluation will be shared with Prometric for the explicit purpose to provide an approved accommodation at a Prometric testing facility.  Prometric instructs its test centers to treat as confidential all information they receive relative to the candidate’s disability and accommodations when administering a MECP test. MECP score reports and certificates do not include any details about the disability or accommodations provided, or any disclaimers stating that accommodations were provided.