Take an MECP Exam

After you have prepared for the MECP exam, you need to select a testing option, then pre-register for your exam to acquire your eligibility for testing.

Testing Options

MECP testing can occur in one of two ways:

  1. At a Prometric test center using a pre-scheduled online appointment;
  2. Or testing with an approved MECP proctor that you schedule directly with the proctor.

All candidates, regardless of the path they choose for MECP testing, must complete a registration at the MECP registration portal and specify how they wish to test.


Prometric Testing Centers

Step One: Locate a Test Center

On the Prometric site, click "Locate a Test Center". Then, select your state and search by zipcode to locate a test center near you. If you identify a test center near you, please proceed to step two. If not, please refer to the instructions for proctored testing.

Step Two: Register

Now that you have identified a Prometric testing center to take your exam, register through the MECP registration portal and select "Computer Based At Prometric Testing Center" for your testing option.

Step Three: Follow Emailed Instructions
Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain your eligibility ID (MECPXXXX) and further instructions on how to schedule an exam at a Prometric site.

Proctored Testing

If you decide to take a proctored exam, you can either use a pre-approved MECP proctor or seek out a temporary proctor with a local venue. Follow the steps below to schedule a proctored exam.

Step One: Find a Proctor
  1. Pre-Approved Proctors
    Please contact us to locate a pre-approve proctor in your area. If no pre-approved proctor is available, return to part two of step one – how to find your own proctor.
  2. Finding Your Own Proctor
    For those unable to use a proctor from our approved list, it may be possible to take an exam through your library or community college.

    Please note, the proctor must be able to provide (or have uninterrupted access to) a computer with DSL or better internet access and a quiet location in which to provide the exam. There is no additional software required, only a compatible browser that allows secure access.

    Locate a viable proctor candidate that would offer proctoring of supervised, computer-based exams at one of the following locations:
    • Local Librarychoose a library nearest to you or one you know to have proctoring capabilities.
    • Community College – contact the campus testing center and ask if they proctor computer-based, supervised exams for people in the community other than their students.
    • Military Participants – those who qualify (serving outside of the US) must go to their education center on base and request proctoring services. 
​MECP reserves the right to grant or deny any proctored testing requests as appropriate.
​Step Two: Contact MECP
Proctors must meet all requirements of this document and are then subject to approval by MECP staff. Once you have selected a proctor, BOTH the proctor AND the tester must fill out a pre-approval request form, and supply all of the required information.​ This step only needs to be completed if the proctor is not from the pre-approved list in step one.

Once request forms are recieved by both parties, MECP will match those requests and, once the proctor has been authenticated, will notify the proctor and tester via e-mail with next steps.​
Step Three: Register

Once you have an approved proctor, the tester needs to register through the MECP registration portal and choose “Computer-Based Testing with Approved Proctor” during the registration process.


Once registration is completed, the tester receives an email confirmation with their Eligibility ID information and further instructions. 

Step Four: Schedule the Exam

Schedule a time and date for the exam with the proctor directly. No further contact with MECP is required to complete a proctored exam. 


If the proctor location charges any additional fees for the service of proctoring, those fees are the responsibility of the test participant and are not included in MECP pre-registration fees (or voucher use).